Janet is endorsed by all endorsing organizations in the 2019 election.
Daily Herald

"Janet Yang Rohr, 38, and director of Global Data at Morningstar Inc., was appointed to the board in 2017. Given her finance-related job, she is looked to as one of the board's experts in finance and budgetary issues."

To read more, visit: https://www.dailyherald.com/discuss/20190313/endorsements-gericke-yang-rohr-and-fox-for-naperville-unit-dist-203-school-board

Naperville Area Chamber PAC

“Janet Yang Rohr is an incredibly effective member of the Board of Education who brings financial acumen, strategic planning and data analysis to the forefront of her decisions. During Yang Rohr’s time on the Board, they have maintained fiscal discipline and implemented additional programs to provide a comprehensive educational environment for all students."

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Naperville Unit Education Association IEA/NEA Region 39

Comprised of the Naperville Unit Education Association, Naperville Educational Support Professionals Association, Naperville Unit Maintenance Association, and Naperville Transportation Association.

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